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SWF Video Format

SWF Small Web Format (SWF) is a video file format for playing Flash animation files (Flash movies). The Flash source file, which holds the timelines and multimedia elements, uses the .FLA (Flash Authoring) extension and is published to an .SWF file for playback by the Flash media player. SWF is one of the video formats supported by Lutheran Music.

Originally, SWF meant "ShockWave Flash", which was confusing because Shockwave is a different authoring package that uses the .DCR extension for playback file. As a result, SWF was renamed "Small Web Format".

Adobe's Flash Player is normally used to play SWF format video files. Adobe Flash Player is available from Adobe. The player can be installed as a web broswer plug-in as well as a stand-alone player.

SWF Samples

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