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Midi Files

Midi Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an industry-standard interface format used on electronic musical keyboards and PCs for computer control of musical instruments and devices. Read the music format data sheet to compare our products.

Midi Samples

[CW]  [ELH]  [ELW]  [LBW]  [LSB]  [LW]  [TLH]
Select a hymnal to listen to free Midi file samples on-line.

Midi Player Software

Midi player software must be installed on your computer in order to listen to midi files using your computer sound card and speakers. If you surf the web regularly for music files, you probably already have a midi player installed on your computer.

QuickTime. If a midi player isn't already installed on your computer, your can download the Apple Quicktime player at no cost. The QuickTime player browser plug-in is very effective when used with our online Music Library.
Windows Media Player Microsoft's Windows Media Player can also be used to play midi files on the Music Library CD; however, QuickTime must be used to play midi files on-line.

Keybords and Organs Midi Players

Musical keyboards with disc drives can usually play midi files by creating a copy of the file on a floppy disc or CD and inserting it into the keyboard's disc drive. Our midi files are 'Type 1' (meaning the voices are recorded on separate channels). Some pipe organ midi players can only play 'Type 0' midi files and will not be able to read our files (Type 0 midi files are recorded with all the musical voices on a single channel).