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The ELH Midi Library provides midi files for the public domain tunes in Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary. Each hymn begins with a short musical lead-in, followed by the hymn music repeated according to the number of stanzas printed in the hymnal, and ending with an 'Amen'. Our midi files contain melody and 3-note chords in two separate voices. The midi files do not contain SATB voices typically printed in the pew hymnals (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

Midi player software must be installed on your computer in order to listen to midi files on your sound card and speakers. By default, these midi files produce sound using midi channel 20 'Church Organ' (channel 19, if numbering starts at 0 on your player). The instrument assignment can be changed using midi editing software. You can edit the midi performance (tempo, key, notes, instrument, etc.). Both free and purchased midi editing software is widely available on the web.

Some newer electronic keyboards with media readers can play our Type 1 midi files by creating a copy of the midi file on a floppy disk, CD, or memory drive and inserting it into the keyboard reader. Please test your keyboard reader with one of our free samples prior to placing an order if you intend to play the files on an electronic keyboard.

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Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary Edition (ELH) is based on the Lutheran hymnal Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary published in 1996 by Morning Star Publishers.