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Concordance A concordance is an alphabetical index of all the words and phrases in a text, showing every contextual occurrence of a word. A hymnal concordance provides an index of the words and phrases found in each of the hymn's stanzas.
Lutheran Music provides two concordances for each hymnal: Abridged and Unabridged. The Abridged and Unabridged Concordances are packaged together, and the package containing both can be either downloaded from our web site or received via U.S. Mail.

Unabridged Concordance

The Unabridged Concordance is a browser-based computer reference. It contains references for every word and phrase of every hymn stanza. A demonstration of the Unabridged Concordance is embedded in the (free) online demo of the Multi-Media Library. After selecting a specific hymnal, click on the alphabetical letters at the top of each web page to access the concordance entries.

Abridged Concordance

The Abridged Concordance is a dictionary-like book, provided as a PDF file, indexing all the significant words and phrases in the hymnal. In order to produce a conveniently-sized book, the Abridged Concordance omits common pronouns, verbs, prepositions, and articles that have minimal search or study value. Free previews of each hymnal's abridged concordance are available: