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Our Vision

Wherever Christians gather together to worship and praise God, we sing songs—songs that express our guilt due to sin, our contrition and confession, and our faith, hope and joy of God's grace and salvation. Throughout history Christians have joined together in singing hymns of praise to a loving God. Lutherans in particular are blessed with a great heritage of Christian music. The Lutheran hymnals in common use in our American churches are truly a blessing from God.

The goal of A Collection of Lutheran Music is to help Christians praise God with music and song. The collection provides sound files (midi and MP3), "Sing-Along" videos, sheet music, hymn lyrics (text and PowerPoint), concordances, audio CDs, and video DVDs as supplements to seven commonly-used Lutheran hymnals. It is aimed at increasing the number of people who can enjoy listening to and playing this cherished music.

About Lutheran Music

Lutheran Music is a privately held business with operations in Anaheim, California. The company produces many products, collectively called A Collection of Lutheran Music, and distributes products via an online web store.